General Division-Montgomery County Common Pleas Court


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Montgomery County Courts Building
41 N. Perry Street, Dayton Ohio 45422

Driving Notes

Second Street is a Two-way street for East & West bound traffic.

Third Street is a Two-way street for East & West bound traffic.

Perry Street is a One-way street for South bound traffic only.

The East Lot (#9 on map) is reserved for Jurors and is located on the corner of West Second Street and North Perry Street, just across Second Street from the Courthouse. The only entry to the East Lot is from Second Street.

The Montgomery County Parking Garage (#2 on map) is located in the 400 block of West Second Street. The main entrance to the garage is on West Second Street just west of the Juvenile Justice Center. When traveling West on Second Street the garage is on the left side of Second Street.

If traveling East on Third Street, you may only enter the garage from Vista View, which is the first street on the left after passing under I-75.

If traveling West on Third Street, Vista View is the second street on the right after Perry Street.

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